Emilie Flynn

Hi, I'm Emilie

I want to build a better future for Geelong. Our city faces urgent environmental and social challenges: the proposed Lara waste-to-energy incinerator and floating gas terminals, lack of housing and public transport. Geelong’s growth is at a crossroads. We can either continue down the business-as-usual path of urban sprawl and traffic; or we can build connected, sustainable, thriving neighbourhoods. 

I work full-time at Geelong Sustainability and through my work I have gained a deep understanding of the City's policies and actions, particularly around climate change and social housing. I have volunteered with local food banks and serve as Treasurer at Cloverdale Community Centre. All these roles have given me invaluable insights into what the City needs to do on climate, housing and transport.

I am passionate about housing, climate justice and protecting Geelong’s beautiful environment. Together, let’s build a sustainable, inclusive future for Geelong. 

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