Gabrielle de Vietri

Councillor for Yarra City Council - Langridge ward

I am a contemporary artist, activist, parent and volunteer paralegal at Refugee Legal, living on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land. 

As a Councillor, I will work to ensure that the City of Yarra emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic more resilient, better connected, healthier and greener. I am driven by this opportunity to reimagine a better future for Yarra, where we can address the combined climate and equality crises we face. 

I am committed to ensuring that Yarra remains liveable especially for those living close to the poverty line, people living with disabilities, elderly people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, refugees and people seeking asylum. 

I am passionate about supporting artists and arts organisations to thrive, critical community groups to flourish and local, small businesses to prosper. My 15-years’ experience as a contemporary artist will underpin my advocacy for the arts in Yarra, with a focus on sustainably multiplying space and funding opportunities for artists, who in turn will help our communities imagine a new and better future. I will also advocate for the increasingly vulnerable casual workforce across many industries, including the arts, hospitality, education and childcare.

I support a review of Yarra’s public spaces to identify areas where sustainable and active transport can be enhanced, and where open space, nature refuge areas and Yarra's heritage character can be prioritised over inappropriate development.

I am committed to protecting and upholding human rights and environmental justice in everything I do. I am an experienced advocate, a passionate and sought-after public speaker and a principled collaborator. As a Councillor I will bring a courageous, innovative and fresh approach to connecting with and representing the residents of Yarra.