Gavin Gamble

Deputy Mayor for Golden Plains Shire Council

A Teesdale local of 18 years, I am committed to improving the Shire’s sustainability and to make it a better place to live.

Golden Plains needs a Green voice.

My priorities on Council will be:

  • Action on climate change, renewable energy, improving transport options, responsible development and beautifying the townships.
  • Support for arts, culture, heritage, live music, local business and working towards a more vibrant and innovative living and cultural environment.
  • Promotion of wellbeing initiatives for all age groups and particularly for:  disengaged youth, mens’ health, disadvantaged people, abuse victims newest residents to our Shire (and possibly our nation) … to help people feel connected, safe and valued.
  • To always be accountable, accessible and to obtain community consensus as much as possible.
  • Protection of remnant and threatened flora and fauna and other environmental issues.
  • To promote and work towards a more cohesive community with an emphasis on responsible and sustainable development, addressing climate change and creating and attracting clean and ethical jobs and industries.

I have a history of local community engagement which includes: time as a “community co-ordinator”; participation and leadership roles in local environment groups; leadership roles in the local scouting group; long term committee member of the Geelong Organic Gardeners and I helped establish Geelong Sustainability.

I live in Teesdale on 2 hectares with my wife and two teenage children. I work as a gardener with my own business within the Shire and Geelong area. I have also worked as a secondary teacher and commercial brewer.

In my work as a gardener and my sport as a cyclist I have seen, met, and experienced a great diversity of people, lifestyles and places within our broad and diverse Shire and my wife’s family live in the northern part of the Shire.

Golden Plains needs a Green voice to make it a better place.