Hayley Perry

State Candidate for Berwick

Hi, I'm Hayley


I am a local business owner, and my family and I have lived in the area for most of my life. I firmly believe our electorate deserves more from the major parties who have taken us for granted.

We need urgent action on the cost-of-living and housing affordability crisis. As a member of the community and a mother, I am concerned that the children of many families are struggling with housing affordability. People are struggling to keep their head above water because the cost of everything is going up, and wages have flatlined. The Greens will build more affordable housing and end out-of-control rent rises. 

We will also push for faster action on the climate emergency, stopping coal and gas extraction, while also supporting investment in renewable energy. 

Your vote is powerful and with your help, we can protect the natural beauty of the region.