Huong Truong

MP For Western Suburbs

My story is entwined with thousands of diverse communities across the Western Metro region.

As the child of Vietnamese boat people, I grew up here in the Western suburbs, among migrant communities escaping war and persecution to raise a generation of new Australians. My parents survived a journey that claimed the lives of over a million other boat people in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

I am a daughter of the West and my strong sense of social justice found a home when I joined the Greens in 2006.

As a community organiser, a committed local government officer and champion of multicultural inclusion, I am dedicated to building on the work of previous Greens MLC Colleen Hartland. I seek to be a fresh voice in the Victorian Parliament to represent the West.

I have over a decade of public service experience, working across the Western Metropolitan region to support local environmental groups , delivering bike paths, and creating more sustainable suburbs. And as an activist, I’ve worked for community groups that accelerate action on climate change, protect our biodiversity, and build multicultural diversity & inclusion at the grassroots.

My story is intertwined with that of thousands of diverse communities across the Western Metropolitan Region.

My heart is in leading change through organising communities and protecting the public good for generations to come.

Join me in creating more liveable suburbs, cleaner waterways and stronger communities in the west.



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Youth Affairs  

Sustainable Cities 

Urban Water 


Environmentally Sustainable Design & Planning 

Prevention of Family Violence


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