Liz Irvin

Candidate for Merri-bek City Council - Randazzo Ward

Hi, I'm Liz

I’m excited to be standing to be the councillor for Randazzo ward. I love living in this area, where I’m surrounded by Merri-bek residents who share ambitious visions for our society.

I’m a transport planner who works to make our streets safe, sustainable and accessible. I regularly engage with the community, and I hear what people want for their streets. People see that transport cuts across so many issues: cost of living, housing affordability, climate action, health, and children’s independence. Rethinking how we use our streets creates space for trees for shade and biodiversity, water sensitive urban design, and places for people to socialise. 

We know people want more liveable streets and places, and we know what that can look like. The challenging part is how we get there - and I would love to use my experience to help.

Your vote is powerful.