Maddie Slater

Candidate for Greater Geelong City Council - Corio Ward

Hi, I'm Maddie

A proud member of the vibrant Geelong community, I stand as a queer, trans woman committed to progressive change. Married to my loving wife, raising two wonderful children, I transitioned later in life, embracing my identity while navigating the challenges of Autism and ADHD. I champion visibility for underrepresented voices, particularly in Corio, a community too long neglected by major parties. 

The people of Corio are struggling with the high cost of living and finding accessible and affordable housing. We need to fight for public housing,  rights for renters and a rent freeze. From my active involvement in local advocacy to my work in Child Protection, I promote grassroots engagement and community-led solutions. 

Our community needs better public transport, safe protected bike infrastructure and greater support for LGBTQIA+ people across our city and in regional areas.

I vow to amplify community voices, and forge a more inclusive future for all. 

Your vote is powerful.