Marley McRae McLeod

State Candidate for Macedon

Hi, I'm Marley

Like many of us, I have seen how the concerns of our community in Macedon have been ignored by the major parties for too long.

As your Greens representative, I will push for greater transparency and integrity in parliament, while driving for action on the issues that matter in our region.

We desperately need more investment in our health and aged care systems, especially mental health in regional areas. The stresses that have come with the rising cost of living, inaccessible education, lack of housing security and the steady degradation of our natural environment have put enormous pressure on locals. Being taken for granted by the major parties has also meant our environment has suffered. The Greens will push to replace coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030.

Your vote is powerful - Macedon is ready for change.