Michael Tolhurst

State Candidate for Bendigo East

Hi, I'm Michael

I’m a dad, a civil engineer and lover of the outdoors. I love living in this area - the strong community connections, quality of life and connection with the bush are our way of life.

Our region is under threat from the climate crisis, and as a water expert, I’ve seen just how vulnerable we are to environmental damage. From droughts and heatwaves to floods and fires, every year it gets harder for locals to enjoy our area and protect the environment. The Greens will push to replace coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030 and drive immediate action to address the rising cost of living, housing unaffordability, a healthcare system in crisis, and upgrading transport infrastructure in regional areas.

Your vote is powerful. With your help, we can create a thriving Bendigo East for us and future generations to enjoy.