Ponraj Krishna Pandi

Candidate for Gellibrand

Hi, I'm Ponraj

I’m a local advocate, father and first-generation migrant from India who is passionate about our community and creating a more just future.  

Our electorate is one of the most multicultural electorates but has been poorly represented and neglected by the major parties for too long. Labor has failed to fund public schools and schools in Gellibrand are among the most overcrowded  in the country. Having grown up in poverty and received my education from the public system, I cannot rest easy while a high-quality education system is being systematically dismantled by major political parties. 

Our community is also struggling with the cost of living and housing crises. We need someone who will genuinely represent our community and fight for the interests of everyday people, not billionaires and corporations. 

I am committed to listening to our community and working for positive change. Together, we can build a society where everyone can thrive. 

Your vote is powerful.