Sam McColl

State candidate for Eureka

Hi, I'm Sam McColl


As a life-long resident of regional Victoria and a volunteer with many local groups and organisations, I understand the unique needs of the community and how we’ve been taken for granted by the major parties.

Our region requires long-term, meaningful investment into transport and housing infrastructure, easing cost of living pressure, easing the load on our health system, and preserving our green spaces and natural environment.

We must protect our precious wetland and river areas like the Moorabool River, the Werribee River, and the Woody Yaloak River. By pushing the government further and faster on the climate emergency and phasing out coal and gas, these areas can be preserved. Our regional communities are often ignored by the major parties, and it’s time for change.

With your support, the Greens can ensure that the Eureka electorate receives the attention and support it deserves.