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I love the green leafy east. I grew up in the east of Melbourne after my family moved here in the 1970s. I understand what it’s like to access distant healthcare services, the challenge of finding local education options and the constant battle travelling to work. I appreciate that while the East is a great place to live for you and your family, it is under pressure. 

I want our children to grow up in a city that supports and nurtures future generations, both young and old. I want public transport to be a viable way for us to get around. I want clean energy to power our homes, action on climate change and a healthy environment with open spaces for us all to enjoy.

I didn’t start life wanting to be a politician. In 2005 I was working in finance and administration.  I ran a community campaign to save Long Day Care at Sherbrooke Children’s Centre in Upwey, which my son was attending at the time. This journey taught me about the power of the community voice, so I decided to run for local council for the Yarra Ranges Shire Council. I remained councillor for 9 years, leading the way for the strong community campaign to try and prevent the development of McDonalds in Tecoma.

In November of 2014, I was elected to Victoria’s state parliament, the first ever Green to represent the Eastern Metropolitan region.

A conservationist at heart, I have used my voice in Parliament to push for an end to native forest logging and to protect threatened species such as the Leadbeater’s Possum and Greater Glider. I won’t stop until I see the the establishment of the Great Forest National Park and Emerald Links. 

As your representative in Eastern Metropolitan, I will continue to fight for better transport options instead of the North East Link super toll road, and will push for the long awaited Doncaster Rail. 

I am a strong voice for you in Parliament, representing our shared vision to improve the East's liveability and standing up for what matters when it comes to Doncaster Rail, Forests, the North East Link, the Great Forest National Park, Water, Tourism, Emergency Services, and Local Government


Doncaster Rail
North East Link
Great Forest National Park
Emergency Services
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Office of Samantha Dunn
128 Ayr Street, Doncaster 3108
9850 8600

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