Shahnoor Shah

Candidate for Hume City Council - Merlynston Ward

Hi, I'm Shahnoor

As a Broadmeadows local, I’m looking forward to being the first Greens councillor elected to Hume Council. 

I bring experience in policy development and community programs, and a passion for my area, where I’ve lived, worked, and grown up. Broadmeadows has a rich history and vibrant culture, but has been overlooked by local and state governments for too long. 

Despite being a commercial and tertiary hub, our local infrastructure is ageing and amenities are neglected. Our community is struggling with the cost of living and housing crisis. Council has a key role to play in investing in public services, protecting parks, building a thriving local community and supporting the arts. 

I will advocate for the rights of migrant workers and refugee rights, and celebrate the enormous contributions that migrants make to our community. 

Together, we can build a more progressive and inclusive Hume that truly supports everyone in the community, not just the wealthy few. 

Your vote is powerful.