Sophie Wade

Councillor for Yarra City Council - Nicholls ward

Hi, I’m Sophie Wade, councillor for the Nicholls ward in the City of Yarra. 

I’ve lived in and around Yarra for most of my life - from my days crossing the Darebin Creek to primary school in Alphington in Yarra’s North, to travelling through the Nicholson and Brunswick St corridors for work, to playing netball in Clifton Hill. I have now settled in Collingwood. I work as a lawyer, and am keen to put my analytical mind to work making Yarra the best, and greenest, area it can possibly be. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to live where I do, right in the middle of our (usually!) bustling City. Like many people, I have recently spent more time than usual in my local area, wandering the back streets of Fitzroy and Collingwood to break up days spent working from home. The opportunity to spend more time at home has given me a greater appreciation for our neighbourhood, but also a clearer sense of its challenges. A lack of open space for our growing population is foremost among my concerns. 

I would like your support to ensure Yarra develops sustainably as it densifies. I’m keen to continue the work of progressive residents and councillors in greening Yarra, and to get a broader cross-section of people participating in council decisions and the community more generally. 

I’m an energetic people-person, a hard worker, and am keen to hear from you about what you want for Yarra.

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