Steph Hodgins-May

Federal Candidate for Macnamara

I am a local mum trained in environmental law and live with my partner Ogy and son Otis in Elwood.

I fell in love with the area as a young adult and have been here ever since.

Macnamara is an amazing place to live: vibrant and full of diversity. 

I’m proud to live in a welcoming community where people care for one another and stand up for what matters.

But disappointingly, successive career politicians have taken it for granted and seem more committed to vested interests and political donors than to being a strong local champion who will stand up for what we believe in.

I have a plan for a city and society built for the people - not just big political donors.

Our plan starts with a vision to invigorate our neighbourhoods, music venues and local shops, and to create more open spaces where our kids can play and nature can thrive.

It includes building a more fair society that looks after people experiencing housing insecurity, and is a plan to grow a strong, productive and clean economy - one that’s built on minds, not mines. 

I’m focused on the long term changes we need. I want to protect what is great about our community and make our society fair, liveable and affordable.

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