Greens 2022 Election Platform

Here's our plan: We will tax the billionaires & big corporations, and provide the things we all need for a better life. 

Treaty. Replacing coal and gas with 100% renewables. Dental and mental healthcare covered under Medicare. Wiping student debt and free education for all. Affordable housing. Secure, well paid jobs. An end to all forms of discrimination...

Treaty & First Nations Justice
Tackling the Climate Crisis

No new coal, oil or gas

A bold build for a strong, clean economy
Protect the environment and animals
Politics for People

Not Corporations and Billionaires

Better rights, more pay and secure jobs
Public Ownership

Healthcare, electricity, transport, education & more

Free healthcare for all

Dental and Mental Health into Medicare

Free education for life

Wipe student debt. Free from early childhood to TAFE & Uni

Equality and justice for all

A life free of harassment, discrimination, violence and poverty

Building an anti-racist society
End sexism
Our place in the world


Responding to Covid
Paying for the Greens plans

Make billionaires & big corporations pay their fair share of tax

These policies aren’t just possible, they’re necessary, and they're achievable.

To do it, we’ll need your support. It’s time to fight for the future.

Join the movement