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The Australian Greens is Australia's fastest growing political party. By joining the Greens, you become a part of our vision of an Australia with the courage to take action on important issues.

Why get involved?

  • Have a real say in Greens policy and candidates
  • Be part of a strong, progressive community
  • Access world class training on community organising and campaigning
  • Make a difference by growing the party that stands up for what matters

There are many benefits to being a member of the Greens. We're committed to grassroots democracy. You can become involved in your local group, where everyone has a voice. Our candidates are pre-selected by our members and our policies are driven by our members.

You can be more involved in election campaigns, local group activity, policy drafting and decision making. You also have the opportunity to attend state and national conferences, and subscribe to members-only email lists.

Membership includes:

  • Membership of your local branch
  • Membership of your State party
  • Membership of the Australian Greens

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Meet Our Members

Why did you join the Australian Greens?

“I joined the Greens because they were the only voice for the issues I cared about: from refugees to free education to the environment.”
“I'm involved with the Greens because they stand up for human rights.”
“The Greens stand for fairness, equality and an end to discrimination. They look to the future, with the courage to make positive social change happen.”