Thibaut Clamart

Candidate for City of Yarra - Nicholls Ward

Hi, I'm Thibaut

I’m a Fitzroy North local, a barrister and have been a passionate community advocate for social justice and climate action for the last ten years. 

This council election is an opportunity to elect a Greens majority in Yarra, to take action on housing affordability, climate change and safer streets. 

Our community deserves to thrive; with housing for all, great public services and addressing the cost of living crisis. On council we can drive local change on the big issues that matter. As a barrister, I will bring a wealth of legal expertise and real-world experience to Council. I am committed to fighting for affordable housing, stronger social protections, green spaces and robust climate action. 

Together, let’s build a fairer, stronger community and ensure everyone in our community has enough to lead a dignified life. 

Your vote is powerful.