Tim Read

It's time we sent sent a Green from Brunswick to Spring Street. And we can do it in 2018.

I’m a dad and a doctor and I’ve lived in Brunswick for over twenty years. As a doctor I see how much we need liveable cities that we can get around on foot, by bike or on public transport. We need to stand up to business interests when planning our cities, which is why we have to stop political parties from accepting donations from property developers.

I love spending time in Victoria’s forests and I want to see more of them protected by a new Great Forests National Park.

I want to represent Brunswick in state parliament to stand up for public services rather than selling them off, to build public transport rather than freeways, and to confront the climate emergency rather than keep burning brown coal.

With limited resources and no outside funding, our 2014 campaign grew and grew. We built a team of volunteers, funded by small donations. We outpolled Labor on Primary votes and found ourselves within 900 votes of victory.

We can do it this time. Can I count on your support?