Fixing the flammable cladding crisis

Victoria’s flammable cladding crisis is far from over.

While hundreds of buildings have been identified as having dangerous cladding, the progress of rectification works has been far too slow

In 2019, after pressure from the community and the Greens, the government announced a $600m fund to cover the costs of rectification works. But years later, too many residents are still waiting on funding, or have no idea if they’ll even qualify for funding support.

Local councils are beginning to issue building orders and residents have had to pay out of pocket to cover initial inspections, pre- building works and are facing rectification works in the hundreds of thousands. Many residents are looking at taking out significant loans to fund the works, yet have received no guidance from Cladding Safety Victoria on whether they will cover money already spent.

Our flammable cladding crisis is the result of a failure of government regulation and enforcement. Residents should never have been left to cover this themselves.

The Greens' plan would allocate an additional $100 million to the cladding rectification fund, to speed up the progress of the rectification program and ensure more residents can access the funding they need to cover the works.