The Greens have a plan for high quality, genuinely free public schools for all.

Every family should have access to a high quality, genuinely free, local public school.

But the Labor Government is underfunding our public schools. Victoria has the lowest-funded public schools in Australia.

This means our public schools don’t get the funding they need to meet everyone’s needs and the cost of what should be a free education is rising. 

The Greens' plan would invest more in our local public schools, community-run early childhood centres and in our public TAFE system.

Did you know
Victorian public schools are underfunded by over $1 billion per year.

High quality, genuinely free public schools for all

The Greens' plan would make public schools genuinely free

The cost of living is impacting families around Victoria, and this includes rising school costs. 

The Greens' plan would invest $1.46 billion dollars over the next five years into Victoria’s public schools. We will push the Federal Government to increase funding so Victorian public schools are funded to 100 per cent of the Gonski school resource standard.

With this additional investment, the Greens would make quality, public schools genuinely free, abolishing out-of-pocket school costs for families, including ‘voluntary’ fees, subject costs, and digital devices.

More funding would mean that schools would be able to hire more teachers and support staff with better pay and conditions, reduce class sizes and better support disadvantaged students. 

We will push for an independent school building authority. This would ensure that decisions on funding for school upgrades, expansions and on where and when new schools are built, are transparent, fair and based on need. 

Students are experts in their own education and should be key decision makers over what affects them. That's why we're pushing for Student Voice in all schools to ensure students can shape their school for the better, through active participation in school councils and self-organised advocacy and social groups.

We need to invest more in our local public schools with more teachers, genuinely free public education and better support for disadvantaged students.

The Greens' plan includes:

  • Investing $1.46 billion more into Victoria’s public schools over the next 5 years.
  • Pushing for the Federal Government to increase funding to meet 100% of the Gonski standards.
  • Making public education genuinely free by removing out-of-pocket school expenses for families.
  • Pushing for an independent school building authority, to ensure funding for new schools and upgrades are delivered transparently and based on need. 
  • Establishing Student Voice in all schools - giving students greater participation in school decision-making.

Increase TAFE funding

Keeping TAFE strong and affordable

TAFE is an essential part of our public education system. It provides quality, affordable and accessible training for all.

The Greens have always been advocates for the public TAFE system and public education. We will continue to fight for a strong and affordable public TAFE system regardless of who is in government.

Our public TAFE system has endured chronic underfunding for too long. It needs a funding guarantee to ensure that it can continue to provide low cost, high quality vocational education and training in Victoria.

The Greens' plan puts students, teachers and the public interest before private profits by stopping the privatisation for our training system.

The Greens' plan includes:

  • $100 million extra funding for TAFEs to ensure that TAFE has the money it needs to deliver training and education.
  • Guaranteeing 70% government vocational education and training funding goes to TAFE institutions and not private providers.
  • Continued support for Free TAFE.

Early childhood education

Early childhood education is an essential public service

For children, the early years are the most important in their development.

Early childhood education centres have been increasingly privatised over past decades, and they’re not meeting the real needs of our communities.

Victoria needs more community-run early education centres and kindergartens. We know that not-for-profit centres are run by the community for the community and are an important place for people to come together.

Access to early childhood education is so important for the development of our children. It sets them up for a brighter future and helps foster their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

We must continue to invest in the free kinders for 3 and 4 year old and increase support to community-run centres.

The Greens' plan would provide $100 million of funding to reduce waiting lists and assist with capital works or increase workforce, depending on the specific needs of individual centres.

The Greens' plan includes:

  • An investment of $100 million to support the expansion of community, not-for-profit childcare, with a focus on planned development and services that meet community needs.
  • Supporting staff: The Greens will continue to support workers’ advocacy for better pay and conditions that reflect what is expected of those with their responsibility and skill.
  • Free Kinder for 3 and 4 years olds.


Making big corporations pay their fair share

The Greens will make the big banks, property developers and the gambling industry pay their fair share of tax so we can invest in climate action, affordable housing and public services for all. 

Our plans will also be paid for by spending smarter and making our state borrowings work for the community.

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Together, we’re powerful.

With more Greens in parliament, we can tackle the climate crisis, make housing affordable and hold the major parties to account.