Your Vote Is Powerful

Let's push the next government further on tackling the climate crisis and making housing affordable.

This election, we have a huge opportunity.

We can build on the amazing success of the Greens in the federal election, when more Victorians voted Greens than ever before.

We can win.

How the Greens get results:

The Greens put big ideas on the table and push the government to go further and faster, while holding them to account.

In the last four years, our Victorian Greens team in parliament have successfully pushed the Labor Government to:

  1. Permanently ban toxic gas fracking.
  2. Allow renters to have pets and hang pictures in their homes.
  3. Ban single use plastics, like plastic cutlery and plates, and introduce a 10c 'cash for cans' recycling scheme, after we initiated a parliamentary inquiry into Victoria's waste crisis.
  1. Stop a giant new gas terminal in Westernport Bay, which would have helped fuel the climate crisis and been a risk to local marine life.
  2. Provide a rent freeze and ban on evictions during the COVID pandemic in 2020 and 2021.
  3. Adopt our policy for making developers pay a tax on their windfall profits when land is rezoned.

With more Greens in parliament, we can achieve so much more.

More Greens in parliament will keep the Liberals out and hold the next government to account. 

Instead of looking after people, Labor and the Liberals give special treatment to big corporate interests – like gas corporations and property developers. 

Your vote can push the next government to:

  • Tackle the climate crisis by replacing coal and gas with 100% renewable energy by 2030.
  • Build more affordable housing and end out-of-control rent rises. 
  • Restore integrity to politics.

Your vote is powerful. This election, we can stop the major parties taking us for granted.  


What if I’m in a safe seat?

What if I’m in a safe seat?

Voting for the Greens sends a powerful message to the Labor and Liberal parties that voters care about climate change, integrity and affordable housing. And the Greens have won seats in many places where nobody expected us to! 

Because of our preferential voting system, if you vote [1] Greens and we don’t win your local seat, your vote will get passed on to whoever you vote for second.

Vote [1] Greens to build our power. 

Your Greens vote in the Upper House can also make a difference, as we have a chance of winning upper house seats everywhere across Victoria, including regional areas. Vote 1 Greens in the Upper House to ensure there are progressive MPs holding the government to account.

In both the Lower House AND the Upper House, your vote is powerful.

Your vote is powerful – not wasted

Your vote is never wasted.

You cannot waste your vote because of Australia’s preferential voting system. Vote [1] for the party you feel best represents your values, but if your number [1] vote doesn’t win, your number [2] vote (2nd preference) will be counted, and so on. You lose nothing by giving your [1] vote to a minor party. 

If you vote [1] Greens, we can keep the Liberals out, and put the Greens in a position to fight for the things that matter to you.

Your vote is powerful.

Watch this video from the AEC that explains why it's impossible to 'waste your vote'

How do Group Voting Tickets work in the Upper House?

Group Voting Tickets explained

Victoria is the only place left in Australia that still uses the corrupt anti-democratic 'group voting ticket' system to elect people in the Upper House.

Under this system, if you vote 1 above the line in the Upper House for the Labor, Liberal or National parties, or one of the small micro parties, THEY decide where your vote goes, not you

Parties do deals to control where preferences flow, and your vote could end up with a party you do not agree with.

In the past, this has resulted in fringe right-wing parties getting elected with only a tiny percentage of the vote.

So what should you do?

  • Voting above the line: Vote 1 Greens to give the Greens the best chance of winning an Upper House seat. We will preference other progressive parties first and put the Liberals and other right-wing parties last.
  • Voting below the line: You can also vote ‘below the line’ to control where your preferences go yourself. Number 1-5 for the Greens candidates, then number as many more boxes as you wish. You must number at least 5 boxes below the line for your vote to count.

Read this resource from the AEC on how to vote.

Together, we’re powerful.

With more Greens in parliament, we can tackle the climate crisis, make housing affordable and hold the major parties to account.