Industry and Employment Policy


1. Victorian industry should be ecologically and economically sustainable.

2. In order to build and sustain successful and prosperous industries, Victoria should have

  • a. efficient transport and communications infrastructure;
  • b. affordable, accessible and relevant education and training; and
  • c. low cost, clean energy; and d. an efficient, progressive and fair tax base.

3. Local industries, that is, industries creating value from local resources and that are owned, managed and staffed from within the communities in which they operate, are essential for a robust economy which provides meaningful employment and supports successful businesses.

4. Development of Victorian industry can be facilitated by public sector investment that is open, transparent, and targets sectors rather than specific companies or businesses.

5. Successful and prosperous economies promote a culture that greatly values and supports science, engineering, innovation, enterprise and creativity.


1. The Victorian government should encourage the development of innovative new or transformed industries of the future, such as products for energy efficiency and advanced materials.

2. When the Victorian government supports the development of new or transformation of existing industries through measures such as payroll tax or other concessions, it should ensure environmental and social justice impacts and outcomes are central to decision making.

3. The Victorian government should fund research and development that preferentially benefits Victoria and Victorian industry, for example that sustainably adds value to Victorian resources.

4. The Victorian government should foster improved economic and environmental sustainability through advocating principles of industrial ecology and “cradle-to-cradle” design.

5. The Victorian government should ensure that its public industry development funding is accessible by innovative social and community enterprises, and in particular, the Victorian government should create a new funding scheme that assists the early stage creation of such enterprises.

6. All Victorian government programs, investments, resource allocation and procurement to maximise public benefit by including employment, environmental, social and economic impact assessments.

Industry and Employment Policy as amended by State Council on 10th February 2018.