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We’ll work hard for the long overdue investment in public transport we need in Victoria.

This content is from the 2014 vic State election and is visible for historical purposes only. Please see our Initiatives page for the most recent content.


The Greens are growing stronger every day and we now have an unprecedented seven MPs in the Victorian Parliament. With your ongoing support we can continue to stand up for the issues that matter to you. 

Join the Greens today and make a real difference to Victoria. 

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We know Victoria’s public transport system isn’t good enough. It’s expensive, unreliable and overcrowded. Country Victorians simply cannot rely on public transport to go about their business in the next town, or travel to Melbourne conveniently.

That’s why we will work hard to make your journeys more convenient, less crowded and more reliable. 

We want to shift the focus from building dirty, polluting roads to the creation of more train and tram lines and more bus routes. This policy will benefit drivers too, as it will help unclog the roads.

You saw our strong opposition to the $18 billion East-West Toll Link and our sustained pressure for the contracts to be ripped up. 

And it worked. 

That’s how you know you can trust us to follow through. 

Our seven MPs in the Victorian Parliament will work hard for a bigger, better public transport system because it will reduce pollution, increase economic efficiency and give you what you’ve been promised - reliable transport that is cost-effective and gets you where you want to go.

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