Ban Uranium Mining

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The decision to approve the Yeelirrie Uranium mine at the 11th hour is a purely political decision that this is a complete slap in the face for traditional land owners and our community.

The approval has been recommended against by the Environmental Protection Authority and widely condemned by the Tjiwarl people who are the traditional custodians of the land, and for the Government to continue to push this while it is being fought in the supreme court is just sickening.

The Liberal Party did the same thing before they lost the State Election in WA in 2017, and it is clear that the Morrison Government will always pursue an anti-environment agenda no matter how inappropriately close to an election they are.

While this decision has been made in the face of an election, it is clear that it was also made with the interests of Canadian company Cameco’s best interests at heart. Despite widespread community opposition, our Governments continue to serve big business and corporations that line their pockets with political donations.

This election Vote [1] Greens to ban uranium mining.