Our Four Pillars

The Greens (WA) believe in a future based on:

  • Social and Economic Equity
    A fair, equitable and humane society is not founded on greed and acquisition, but on justice for all members of society.
  • Grassroots, Participatory Democracy
    Our current political systems are not truly democratic. Only a system that allows the full participation of all people can be called a true democracy.
  • Peace, Nonviolence and Disarmament
    Current methods of conflict resolution only bring further conflict. We believe in nonviolent methods that have disarmament as the central basis.
  • Ecological Sustainability
    Our current system of economics and environmental management is fundamentally flawed. Only sustainable policies will ensure the survival of the planet.

Backing these beliefs, The Greens (WA) have a wide range of detailed policies that would support real changes to the structure and nature of Australian society.