Our Campaigns

The Greens are working to make a fairer Western Australia for all. Here are some of our current campaigns.

No Uranium Mining

No nuclear power, weapons or mining. Future generations must not be burdened with toxic nuclear waste for which there is no safe disposal.

Justice for Greyhounds

Animals are sentient beings that deserve our care and respect.

Thalidomide Justice

"Our disability was man-made, it could have been prevented." 

Free TAFE & University in WA

Everyone should have access to an education, help us make TAFE and Uni fee-free!

Ban Fracking in WA

Let's get the WA Government to ban fracking!

End violence, abuse & neglect!

Join our campaign to bring an end to violence, abuse and neglect of disabled people.

Dear Coles

Let's tell Coles we need to lead the war on waste & stop handing out plastic fruit & veges

Beyond Gas

The LNG industry is fueling this climate crisis and creating an unsafe world.