Our Campaigns

The Greens are working to make a fairer Western Australia for all. Here are some of our current campaigns.

Workers Rights

Working people need more security, higher pay and fulfilling work that is supported by a fair and equitable industrial relations system and the right to collectively organise and strike.

Net Zero Perth

Towards a more liveable, prosperous, and connected Perth.

Youth Justice

The system is broken. Join our fight for youth justice.

Stop Scarborough Gas

Help Stop One Of Australia's Largest Fossil Fuel Projects

Stay in touch with Brad Pettitt

Stay in touch with campaign, news, and events in South Metro.

Let's connect Perth

Help us connect Perth by joining our campaign for an accessible, connected and safe public transport system.

Stop the Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme

The Southern Forests Irrigation Scheme must be stopped – WA Labor must not damn the Donnelly

End Homelessness

Ending Homelessness requires a comprehensive plan and meaningful action