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What WA does over the next 10 years will shape our planet for the next 1000.

We are in a climate emergency. Scientists are telling us that this is the critical decade. We have to halve pollution by 2030 and get to zero emissions as fast as possible or we will face the catastrophic consequences of irreversible global heating. We're already seeing the effects.

It’s not too late, but we need to act now – our future and the future for coming generations depends on it.

The mining, burning and exporting of coal, oil and gas are the biggest causes of the climate crisis. A handful of corporations are making mega-profits from damaging our climate and exploiting our environment. WA’s gas mining and exportation is responsible for 193.2 million tonnes of climate pollution every year.

All the gas corporations frack contributes to climate change.

Instead of listening to the majority of Western Australians who are calling for action, the McGowan Labor government is taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from oil and gas corporations. Labor supports new gas projects.

The Greens will transition to a renewable energy economy, creating thousands of good quality manufacturing jobs right here in WA.

Get involved with our movement and help transition WA towards a cleaner, healthier future.