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What WA does over the next 10 years will shape our planet for the next 1000


We all deserve the safety of a healthy and reliable environment, but fossil fuels like oil & gas are putting that at risk.

Many in our communities are scared about the future and worried that dramatic environmental changes will make it even harder for our families to get by. It’s not surprising, given that millions of people are feeling the impact of a changing climate. 

Western Australia is experiencing unprecedented bushfire seasons, severe drought, endless heatwaves, massive wildlife loss and cascading coastal erosion.  

We’re in this situation because large polluting industries have been allowed to buy influence with both major parties, creating an economy that favours profit over people and planet. 

Western Australia is contributing more than its fair share of greenhouse gas emissions. But instead of reducing our pollution, we have the fastest growing emissions in the country with plenty more fossil fuel projects in the pipeline.

This is why WA needs immediate action that will stabilise our climate, transform our economy and ensure a safer future for all of us.

Will you join our campaign for a cleaner planet? 

Large crowd at the schhol strike for climate rally - holding signs calling for clamite action.