Climate Positive Perth

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cities matter.

2, 50, 70 — these three numbers sum up why. 

Cities take up just 2% of land mass yet over 50% of the world’s people now live in them. As a result, an extraordinary 70% of global carbon emissions are linked to cities, meaning they offer some of the best opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

Perth’s population is small by global standards, but our physical footprint is larger than mega-cities like Tokyo or Los Angeles and our emissions per capita are among the highest in the world. 

So how do we address climate change while accommodating 3.5 million people in Perth by 2050? 

Climate Positive Perth reframes this question as an opportunity to change the direction of our urban development with respect to energy, transport, greening and built form to create a better connected, more liveable, sustainable, and decarbonised Perth. 

Climate Positive Perth demonstrates, as backed by the latest evidence, that a better future is possible. Getting there will require us to overcome a crisis of imagination and recognise that business as usual will not get us to where we need to go. Read the draft report here.

Built on the work started by former Senator Scott Ludlam, Climate Positive Perth is a collaborative project engaging a range of experts from the property, housing, transport, design, cycling, and energy sectors to help author and support this work. 

Now that we know what we can achieve, it's time to start campaigning for a better future for all of us at the next election. 

Will you join us?