Housing Crisis

FIX THE housing crisis

Let's end tax handouts for property investors so we can make renting and buying your first home affordable again.

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The Greens are fighting to fix the housing crisis - but we can't do it without you

Everyone should feel safe that they’ll always have a roof over their head and a place they can call home. But here in WA the housing crisis is really biting - since the last state election interest rates, rents, and the number of people on the waiting list for social and affordable housing have all exploded.

Our community is feeling the pain. Now that WA Labor holds power in both houses of Parliament and is boasting a multi billion dollar surplus, there's no excuse for the State Government not to take action. They have everything they need to fix the crisis - so what will it take to make them help us when we need it?

We know that our power in parliament is only as strong as our power in our community. To push the Labor government to act, we’re going to need a big, strong, & active community movement made up of everyday folk directly impacted by this crisis. You are a critical part of that.

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