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cities matter.

2, 50, 70 — these three numbers sum up why. 

Cities take up just 2% of land mass, over 50% of the world’s people now live in them, but an extraordinary 70% of global carbon emissions are linked to cities, meaning they offer some of the best opportunities to reduce carbon emissions.

In WA the conversation about how to quickly decarbonise the Perth metropolitan area has been neglected.

There is a growing need to address climate change while sustainably accommodating 3.5 million people in Perth by 2050 and there is a key opportunity to change the direction of Perth’s urban development in a way that holistically addresses transport, housing supply, affordability, sustainability, and livability.

Around the world cities are leading the way in speeding up the transition to Net Zero. From Adelaide to Amsterdam, Melbourne to Minneapolis, and Sydney to San Francisco they are showing how it is done.

But for Perth - the city with the highest emissions (estimated to be as high as 60 million tonnes per year) in the country - there is no plan, whatsoever. While some local governments are taking initiative, our city as a whole is missing an ambitious and coordinated plan to achieve net-zero emissions.

The Net Zero+ Perth project will map out a credible, evidence-based pathway that shows how Perth can reach net zero greenhouse emissions whilst also becoming a more liveable, prosperous, and connected city.

Built on the work started by former Senator Scott Ludlam, Net Zero+ Perth is a collaborative project engaging a range of experts from the property, housing, transport, design, cycling, and energy sectors to help author and support this work.

So what's next?

We will be releasing a draft version of our Net Zero Perth report in the first half of 2023 and want to hear from you

We will be hosting a series of public consultation forums across Perth to gather feedback about our project and figure out how we can decarbonise our communities together.

Will you make your voice heard and have a say on our Net Zero Perth policy recommendations to the WA State Government?