Fight for Climate!

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Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy climate, one that will be there for our kids and our grandkids.

We are in a climate emergency. 

Temperatures have reached unprecedented levels, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and our environment and communities are suffering for it. Climate change is the challenge of our generation, it needs urgent action now.

The reality is just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions. Not one of these companies are being held to account by our Government.

The Liberals proudly parade coal in parliament like a family heirloom whilst Labor's watered down climate policies won't provide the solution we need. Both majors continue to take donations from big coal and gas. They won't prioritise our future, the Greens will. 

We need urgent action now!

The Greens have a plan to transition us to 100% renewable energy by 2030 - it's costed, it's possible and it's what our industry and community are calling for. We just need your help.