Help Stop the Scarborough Gas Project

No More Coal & Gas

Tell the Labor Government to use their powers to stop the Scarborough gas project in its tracks.

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Right now, the Labor Government and Woodside are working together to build one of Australia's most polluting new fossil projects. 

The Scarborough gas project will make it nearly impossible for Australia to meet its current climate obligations. And it’s going to set us even further back in tackling the catastrophic effects of climate change we’re already seeing in WA and around the world.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Western Australia has the best renewable energy resources in the world. We don’t need gas to meet our energy needs, nor do WA’s trading partners – global LNG exports are set to reduce in the next few years as countries switch to cleaner and cheaper energy sources.

Our state’s natural wonders, world-class biodiversity, and liveable cities will all be under threat if we don’t take meaningful and significant action to address the climate crisis by 2030.

The Labor and Liberal parties won’t do it, because they’re beholden to their corporate donors. In 2019 alone, Woodside donated: 

  • $135,655 to the Labor Party 
  • $130,250 to the Liberal Party

They’re just the donations we know about, and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The Greens are doing everything possible to stop Scarborough gas ban corporate donations. We have also introduced a bill in WA to tackle the climate crisis before 2030 and introduce science-based emissions targets.

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*Donation data sourced from AEC annual returns found here