Ban Fracking in WA

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We're calling on the Labor Government to ban fracking everywhere in WA.


Our environment sustains all life, it should be enjoyed and protected. We need to hand over a healthy planet for future generations.

Liberal, Labor and National governments have let corporations get away with trashing our environment for their own corporate profit. These major parties have stood by while their big business mates drilled our environment, destroyed our climate, polluted our water supply and devastated our pristine landscape- with no accountability.

They're polluting the places we live, our farmland, our rivers and our oceans, destroying the places we love; and we're left experiencing extreme bushfires and droughts. 

That's why we're calling on the McGowan government to permanently ban fracking statewide.

Add your name to the chorus of West Australians telling the Labor government we want a frack-free, healthier, safer future for all of us.