Save Our Parks


Join the campaign to save WA's iconic urban parks

WA's iconic urban parks are too precious to lose 

Western Australia has some of the most impressive urban parks in the world but right now they are in trouble

Iconic places like Hyde Park, Kings Park, Beeliar Wetlands and Manning Park are suffering catastrophic losses of huge swaths of trees and vegetation due to invasive Species known as the Polyphagus shot-hole borer. 

In Hyde Park alone, 20% of trees are set to be removed to stop the spread including hundred year old Moreton Bay figs.

Sadly this is the only way to stop the damage from spreading and protect our reaming urban canopy.

What we do next is important and it can't be to let these parks fall into disrepair with weeds and rubbish lining the ground where these iconic fixtures of our city once were.

The Greens are pushing for the Federal Government and the WA State Government to provide the funds that are necessary to replant new trees and invest properly in keeping places like King Park thriving so that our community can continue to enjoy them. 

We can't do it alone. Can you join our campaign to make sure Perth's parks remain some of the greatest in the country?