Workers Rights


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We're in a cost of living crisis.

And big corporations are making away with record profits and leaving workers behind.

Right now, wage stagnation and high inflation means real wages are going backwards and millions of Australians are struggling to make ends meet.

Graph displaying real wages since 2000. Projected real wages in 2023 are set to hit 2008 levels.


In Western Australia, the continued suppression of public sector wages is keeping wages low across the economy all the while unions are being threatened with deregistration for taking industrial action. 

Working people need more security, higher pay and fulfilling work that is supported by a fair and equitable industrial relations system and the right to collectively organise and strike

The Greens will rewrite our Industrial Relations laws to give working people more power, outlaw insecure work and increase wages. 

With better rights for working people, we can have a stronger economy and a healthy environment. 

To do this, The Greens (WA) will:

  • Introduce protections and entitlements for casual and contract workers
  • Increase job security by reducing casualisation, outsourcing, and labour hire
  • Increase minimum and award wages to ensure workers aren’t left behind by inflation
  • Return and protect the right to strike
  • Boost paid parental leave and introduce free childcare

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