Green Issue Editorial June 2022


By The Green Issue Editors

At the May Federal election, Greens (WA) achieved their goals. The prime one being to get Dorinda Cox re-elected to the Senate, which was easily done, being only 0.0021% off a full quota. And in most electorates The Greens vote for both lower and upper house increased.

Greens (WA) Director, Liberty Cramer, gives us an overview of how the campaign went, the significant outcomes and prospects into the future. Mark Brogan analyses the reasons behind some of the ground-breaking, earth-shaking and promising outcomes of this election.

But what does this election outcome mean for climate action, and how can The Greens best interact with Labor in pushing this? Although we expect much at government and business level, we include a checklist of steps that can be taken at the personal level to enhance climate mitigation.

Building on earlier designs to convert Perth metro into a more sustainable and climate friendly living space, Brad Pettitt is initiating a project on Net Zero Perth.

In view of the ongoing cruel saga of the incarceration of Julian Assange, and the consequent threat to journalism in general, we give an overall assessment of the situation by former senator Scott Ludlam, first published last year.

While we are well aware of the of the existential threat posed by climate change, another existential threat still hangs over us  the threat of nuclear holocaust. We include a report on the First Meeting of the Parties to the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.

We also include two-monthly reports from our MPs. Senator Dorinda Cox reflects on the campaign and lays out her priority issues heading into her next six-year term. Senator Jordon Steele-John is clearly exalted by the election outcome, the increase of Greens members in the Federal Parliament and his expanded portfolio responsibilities. Brad Pettitt has been rather busy asking questions in Estimates hearings as well as many other activities in the Legislative Council, him being our sole representative there.

Header photo: Happy Greens from all over the country at the Australian Greens National Conference in Melbourne.