Alison Xamon

MLC for North Metropolitan

Alison Xamon is The Greens (WA) MLC for the North Metropolitan region of WA.

Mental health and suicide prevention advocate, lawyer, and former Member of Parliament for the Greens, Alison has been elected to the Legislative Council for the seat of North Metropolitan. She is hoping to continue with the important work that she began during her previous term in Parliament.

Known for being one of the hardest working Members of Parliament, as MLC for the East Metropolitan region from 2009 - 2013, Alison introduced several Private Members Bills, numerous motions and was involved in multiple community campaigns. Alison held 17 portfolios and during that time covered a diverse range of issues.

In particular Alison hopes to bring a strong voice to Parliament on mental health, disability and suicide prevention issues. A priority is to urgently reassess current approaches to law and order issues and reform our overcrowded prison system where so many people leave without ever having their mental health or drug and alcohol issues addressed. 

Alison is also passionate about the need to ensure our economy is diversified beyond mining so that people have the opportunity to get jobs and that when people get those jobs that our laws are as strong as possible to ensure our workers are safe at work. 
Integrity of Government is a key issue and Alison will re-introduce legislation to ensure the overhaul of electoral donations and bring increased transparency to our Parliament.

Alison is committed to practical solutions to create a sustainable economic and environmental future able to withstand the challenges of climate change. She is passionate about the need to ensure our transition to cities which have sustainable housing and transport, where we use our water effectively and make the transition to renewable energy systems.

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