Mental Health Commissioner resignation: Greens  


Media Release: Monday 8 April 2019


Hon Alison Xamon MLC, spokesperson for Mental Health, has acknowledged the significant contribution of Mental Health Commissioner Timothy Marney after hearing news of his resignation today.


Ms Xamon said “Mr Marney’s depth of experience in the public sector, combined with his leadership roles in not for profit mental health agencies and his openness about his own lived experience have combined to make him an excellent Commissioner.”


Over the past five years Mr Marney has overseen substantial reform in Mental Health,  including being at the helm for the implementation of the Mental Health Act 2014 – which has had a significant impact on the lives of people with severe mental illness and their families, she said.


“I would particularly like to acknowledge Mr Marney’s leadership in bringing the 10 year mental health, alcohol and other drugs plan to fruition. It is clear that applying economic analysis to the future needs of mental health, alcohol and other drugs services achieved a robust and widely endorsed plan.


“I am extremely disappointed however, that despite the excellent plan developed under Mr Marney’s guidance, the McGowan Government has failed to adhere to the directions set out, and we as a community are paying the price for it.


Ms Xamon said that the plan calls for a complete rebalancing of the system and represents our best hope for turning our fractured system around.  Yet the recently released update of the plan showed only 24% of the actions identified for completion by the end of 2017 had been finalised by the due date.


“This is an absolute outrage – we are failing the most vulnerable members of our community.  Individuals and families expect and need investment in mental health and alcohol and other drug services.


“The lack of substantial investment into community support and prevention services in the McGowan Government’s last budget failed to provide any indication that the Government is committed to tackling this issue,” Ms Xamon said.


“I wish Mr Marney luck in his future endeavours, the community has benefitted from his dedication to improving the mental health of Western Australians.


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