Caroline Perks

Candidate for Perth


I grew up with my family in the Perth hills surrounded by native bushland and local parks. I began my schooling in the Perth hills, and then moved to Perth College for my final years in high school. I was particularly passionate about singing and acting, and once I left school I studied musical theatre in the electorate at WAAPA and continued to perform in musicals within community theatre.

After completing my Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University, I was accepted into a Graduate Program in Canberra at the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. During this time, I worked personally on some of the best climate change policies as part of this Federal Government department, then watched them unravel as the carbon price was repealed, that is when I realised that our old parties are not serving the interests of our community and the system is rigged towards big corporate and mining interests and that I needed to get involved politically.

I travelled to Paris for the international negotiations for the Climate Change Agreement in 2015 using my own money to be on the streets and be part of the change I wanted to see in the world. I was completing my Masters in Environmental Management and Development at the Australian National University and studying international environmental and climate change policy and economics at the time. I saw Australia put up meagre and unambitious targets and now we're not even on track to achieving those

Utilising my climate change expertise, I have given presentations on climate change at local and national conferences as well as international conferences such as the London Symposium on Climate Change.

I have experienced first-hand gender inequality in the workplace, as a female expert in the field of climate change policy and I have had to fight against the systemic misogyny in the workplace, pushing back on not being taken seriously, and being referred to as ‘sweetheart’. Inequality for women isn’t just confined to the work place, as your MP for Perth I would advocate on key issues that impact all women - domestic violence, the gender pay gap, and tax on tampons.

Cruelty to animals has always been something that concerns me. My first word was our family dog's name and I always grew up with dogs, cats and chooks. I remember when I was young being on the beach with my grandmother and there was a horrible smell coming from the port. She told me it was sheep being loaded for live export, that’s when I became a vegetarian. I am an advocate for ending the live export trade and would continue this work if elected to Parliament.

I want a world where people are not limited by where they are born and what circumstances are out of their control. I've seen our WA Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John face this and overcome it time and again. We need a fair and equitable society for all, and we need more people like Jordon. We need fair representation in Parliament - young women, refugees, and people from all socio-economic backgrounds – it's meant to be the parliament of the people.