Felicity Townsend

Candidate for Willagee

Hi, I’m Felicity Townsend, your Greens candidate for Willagee this state election. 

My work in the Not-For-Profit and community sector combined with study in community Development and Sustainable Development has made me very passionate about social and environmental justice. I’m running for the Greens as they are the only major Party putting people and planet before corporate profit, and it is important to me that people have the opportunity to vote for the Greens in every electorate.

I am concerned about the future of our planet if we don’t commit to drastically cutting our greenhouse gas emissions and embracing a sustainable path forward.

I worry about the loss of WA’s biodiversity, habitat and flora and fauna and the related loss of bioservices due to the impacts of climate change, mining and deforestation. This is a terrible loss for the environment and also has a huge impact on our tourism industry -who wants to go camping, hiking or snorkeling in dead reefs, bare forests and tainted waterways under extreme weather conditions?

As a parent I’m also concerned about the world my children and future generations will grow up in as the climate crisis worsens and competition over essential resources such as food and water increases. We need to transition WA into a renewable energy economy to ensure our children’s futures are protected.

At various times in my life I have relied on income support in the form of Youth Allowance, parenting payment and Family Tax benefit. It is important to me that we make sure income support is accessible and adequate for people to live on. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to access the system and the toll it has on mental health. We should all have access to high quality, free health care & education, affordable housing and a strong social safety net that looks after us. Everyone must be supported with a liveable income above the poverty line.

I am excited to help people view the Greens as a serious alternative to the two major parties and I’m looking forward to talking to the community about having a voice in Parliament that truly represents their interests over the interests of giant corporations. See you out there.

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