Felicity Townsend

Candidate for Fremantle 

Hi, I’m Felicity Townsend and I'm so excited to be your Greens candidate for the seat of Fremantle at the upcoming Federal election.

I’m a community advocate and mum, and deeply passionate about social and environmental justice. I’ve decided to run for the Greens as they are the only party putting people and the planet before corporate profit.
We are in a crucial time in history, facing an existential climate crisis that threatens the future of human civilisation. The science is clear: the mining and burning of coal, oil, and gas increases the climate crisis. Every tonne of coal, oil and gas burnt increases the intensity and speed of changes to our climate, which means more floods, more droughts, more heatwaves and more bushfires.
As a parent, I am deeply concerned about my children’s future as the climate crisis worsens. Now more than ever we need politicians in Canberra with a plan for a rapid and carefully managed transition to a zero-emissions economy that is powered by renewable energy and keeps coal and gas firmly in the ground.
In a country as wealthy as Australia, more than 3 million people are living in poverty. We must address the growing economic inequality in our society, and focus on ensuring our income support system is adequate and accessible.
As someone who has accessed income support payments at various times in my life, I know how difficult it can be to navigate our social security system and the toll it can have on mental health. It is important to me that we ensure everyone can access the support they need, when they need it. No one in this country should be forced to live in poverty.

In order to tackle big problems we need voices in our Parliament that reflect our communities’ needs. That’s why I’m so excited to build a campaign that is truly representative of all of us. 

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