Jim Scott

Former Member for South Metropolitan Region (1993-2005)

In the 1993 WA state election Jim Scott was elected to the Legislative Council region of South Metropolitan, the first member of the Greens elected to the state parliament. He held the seat until 2005, when he resigned to contest the lower house seat of Fremantle, which was unsuccessful.

Jim was born in Kellerberin in 1946. Before entering parliament he worked as a theatrical set builder.

In parliament he served on the Joint Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation from 1995 to 1996. He was reappointed in 1997 til 2001. From 2001 til 2005 he served on the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs.

In 1997 Jim was on the Select Committee to Review the Legislative Council Standing Committee System. He was a member of the Select Committee on Rules, Orders and Usage of the House from 2002 to 2003, and a member of the Select Committee into Workers Compensation from 2004 to 2004.

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