Tim Clifford

Hello, I’m Tim Clifford, your Greens candidate for the East Metropolitan Region.

Growing up with my three sisters and our mum in country WA, money was always tight in our single parent household. My mum juggled work with the huge responsibility of raising four kids - and without a safety net, we would have fallen into poverty and missed out on the opportunities for education, careers and engagement in our community. Too many families in Australia still face this reality today. I know the importance of a strong social safety net, of good public education and an accessible health care system that ensures help is available for those who need it.

I spent the 2000s working as a labourer and, like many of us during the boom, I worked on a series of fly-in, fly-out rosters. I lost my job without warning when a project was no longer profitable enough. It’s an experience that showed me just how important it is that we move away from a boom and bust cycle and ensure all people have access to secure work, a roof over their head and free education and health care.

I come to politics wanting to protect these fundamental building blocks of a decent society that have been eroded by successive governments.

At the 2017 election I was elected to the Legislative Council as the Greens member for the East Metropolitan Region. Since then I have worked to ensure people have been given a voice in parliament, returning the power to our communities hands in a place that is full of corporate lobbyists. 

We are in a climate crisis that  demands a collective response. The McGowan government has not responded - they haven’t legislated a net zero emissions target, they do not have a renewable energy target and no declaration of a climate emergency. They have made it clear that they support big oil & gas companies over real climate action. This is a short-term gain that ultimately leads to greater inequality and job insecurity, and environmental collapse. This broken system is failing so many of us and leaving us ill-equipped to deal with the existential threat of climate change.

This election, we need more Greens in parliament to hold the government to account and demand climate action. Since being in the state parliament I have pushed a motion for the McGowan government to declare a climate emergency and tabled a bill in the state parliament that if legislated would mean Western Australia would have a hard net zero emissions target by 2040 and a 100% renewable energy target by 2030.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a direct threat to our health and has exposed fault lines within our system and we must ensure that we get through this together and that a fairer system awaits us on the other side. I will keep working to ensure that no one is left behind and we get through this unprecedented crisis together.

I am proud to be your Greens member for the East Metropolitan Region. It will be a privilege to continue my work in the East Metropolitan region if re-elected in 2021.

Please reach out and have a chat; we’re all in this together. 

Tim Clifford headshot