Cultural Diversity

Multiculturalism is respect for and celebration of diversity of culture. Culture includes language, beliefs, customs and traditions within the framework of social justice, participatory democracy, peace and nonviolence and sustainability.

In times of uncertainty and change, sexism, racism and intolerance may develop in a multicultural society. The Greens (WA) believe in promoting cultural and ethnic diversity by removing barriers to participation in all facets of West Australian life for people of diverse ethnic and cultural origins, and through effective campaigns against racism in all its manifestations.


The Greens (WA) want:

  • all people, regardless of culture or ethnicity, to feel as if they belong in the Western Australian and Australian community
  • all people to have equal opportunity of access to education, employment, and the services provided by all levels of government
  • all Western Australians to have equal opportunity of representation and inclusion in local, state and federal government regardless of culture, ethnicity or dual citizenship
  • barriers to social justice for every member of Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse community to be removed


The Greens (WA) will promote and support government or community actions that:

  • recognise the importance of Aboriginal values and beliefs, especially their strong relationship with the land developed through time (see also The Greens (WA) First Nations Peoples policy)
  • promote ethnic and cultural diversity, and value the contributions made by all ethnic and cultural groups to Western Australian life
  • seek to counter individual and institutional racism
  • recognise the need and desire of Western Australians to maintain the language and culture significant for their family and community
  • present positive non-stereotyped images of ethnic groups and people through the media and community networks
  • help members of cultural and ethnic groups to have power over their own lives by recognising their economic, social and cultural contribution to Australia
  • ensure the continuation of SBS TV, and other media and cultural activities which help ethnic and cultural groups to maintain their traditional cultural identity and which educate all Australians about our multicultural society (see also The Greens (WA) Arts & Culture policy)
  • establish programs to encourage overseas students to study in Australia, and Western Australian students to study overseas, to facilitate international and inter-cultural understanding (see also The Greens (WA) Education policy)

The Greens (WA) will support policies that:

  • establish culturally appropriate services in areas such as health, legal assistance and education, when the need for such services is articulated by relevant groups (see also The Greens (WA) Justice and Health policies)
  • establish adequate funding to ethnic community groups that avoids destructive competition for grants
  • encourage the maintenance of language and culture important to individual Australians
  • deliver all human services in a culturally appropriate way that recognises the needs and sensitivities of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • provide appropriate education for all human service workers (such as teachers, medical practitioners and social workers) who work in a multicultural society
  • ensure the availability of free interpreter services and multi-lingual information on government and community services
  • assist with the improvement of individual communication skills and cross-cultural communication skills for all Australians

The Greens (WA) will work towards educational policies that:

  • promote the study of community languages for all West Australians, primarily in schools, colleges and universities
  • provide adequate, free and readily accessible ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for all who wish to take them
  • promote educational programs within schools and the community on the cultural and historical backgrounds of all ethnic groups

The Greens (WA) will support workplace initiatives that:

  • apply principles of affirmative action and positive discrimination until people of different cultural backgrounds are properly represented in all occupations and management positions
  • facilitate the recognition of overseas qualifications and provide assistance for professional development to professional and occupational groups
  • maintain any necessary regulation of the labour market so that people from specific ethnic backgrounds are not exploited or discriminated against in the work place (see also The Greens (WA) Workplace Relations policy)

(See also the Australian Greens Multiculturalism policy)

Cultural Diversity policy ratified by The Greens (WA) in 2017

The Greens (WA) spokesperson for cultural diversity and multiculturalism is Alison Xamon MLC