Peace & Nonviolence


  • The Greens (WA) seek a just and peaceful world, free of war and violence. We reject violence and call for nonviolence to be established as a core principle in all sectors of society.
  • Nonviolence is a creative, planned, positive force to resolve conflict. People who follow nonviolent principles respect humanity, value life and approach opponents with respect and openness.
  • The Greens (WA) are opposed to war. We hold that general disarmament is an essential priority.
  • Existing military industries are an unethical waste of global resources, money and scientific expertise which could be used in areas of human need. Genuine security does not rest on military strength but on cooperation, sound economic and social development, environmental safety and respect for human rights. Australia's security is inseparable from that of our region and the world. All security policies should enshrine the goals of peace, nonviolence, disarmament, social justice and ecological protection and must support the self-determination of indigenous peoples.
  • Nonviolent conflict resolution is essential in all areas where conflict may arise, whether domestic, local, regional or global. Those who are directly embroiled in conflict must participate in the peacemaking process. Conflict resolution must be based on equity. Relations of domination and submission or the threat of violence will not lead to lasting solutions to conflict.
  • We accept that victims of aggression may not always have nonviolent options available to them. In such cases we support their right to defend themselves, but we have a responsibility to provide ways for them to use nonviolent methods. Further, we must place pressure on the aggressor to negotiate a peaceful and just resolution.


  • The Greens (WA) uphold the principle of nonviolence in all spheres of life and decision making.
  • In order for Australians to be responsible international citizens committed to peace, The Greens (WA) call for the principles of nonviolence to be included in the nation's educational programs, security and civil defence training, and in all areas of public, business and foreign policy.
  • To achieve our vision of a world free from violence we must foster a network of government and community movements that complement each other's actions in creating and sustaining peace.
  • Working with others regionally and globally, people in Australia need to take a lead in fostering non-military resolution of disputes between and within all nations, including our own, to ensure lasting peace.
  • All Australian bases and cooperative facilities that aid foreign powers in furtherance of military aggression should be closed.
  • The Greens (WA) reject the development, manufacture, sale, storage, transport and use of land mines, chemical, nuclear, biological and other weapons systems including weapons designed to induce damage or destruction upon a target on earth or in space.
  • Australia must withdraw from all aspects of the nuclear fuel chain and arms industry. The Greens (WA) are opposed to uranium mining, nuclear reactors, transport of radioactive products and waste, visits by nuclear-powered and armed ships and nuclear waste dumps.
  • Australia should work to strengthen international agreements designed to reverse the arms races and nuclear proliferation.
  • In order to encourage disarmament around the world, Australia must dramatically reduce military spending, and sever its military relationships with nations that have an aggressive foreign policy. We must renegotiate current military alliances and intelligence relationships.
  • We support peacekeeping forces when they are invited to defend human rights. Our military and foreign policies must be brought under direct public scrutiny and control, with the elimination of all unnecessary bureaucracy and secrecy.
  • The Greens (WA) oppose conscription and pre-military training such as school cadets.
  • We are committed to protecting the rights of conscientious objectors. We support the right of people to direct their taxes towards other government expenses instead of the military.
  • Australia must exert political pressure on nations to end violation of human rights.
  • We support the imposition of general trade, sport, cultural and other sanctions on oppressive regimes, when the victims of oppression have called for them. The transfer of military equipment to oppressive regimes must be banned.
  • Australia has an obligation to provide assistance to the victims of violence and torture.
  • We reject perceived or real threats to security as an reason to curtail human and civil rights.
  • We support the right of people to resist unjust laws, unethical corporations and inappropriate development by nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience.
  • Australia should increase foreign aid to meet international treaties and obligations. This aid should be designated for humanitarian, non-military purposes only. International economic agreements should favour third world countries because extreme poverty leads to violence and war.
  • Australia has a moral obligation to accept refugees.
  • In instances of threats of violence we support the right of people to self defence commensurate with the threat posed and in accordance with nonviolent principles.
  • Police and other government officials must minimise the use of violence in arresting and detaining suspects and should record such incidents in detail.
  • The Greens (WA) reject capital punishment.
  • Imprisonment should only be used as a last resort because the present system is inherently violent and ineffective in preventing further offending. We support rehabilitation and restorative justice.
  • We reject corporal, verbal or psychological abuse of children.
  • The Greens (WA) support legislation, programs and public education aimed at preventing physical abuse, sexual abuse, harassment and psychological abuse in the home, schools, the workplace and in society.

Our other core policies:

  • Ecological Sustainability

  • Participatory Democracy

  • Social Justice