Ten Years of Greens in Balance of Power in the ACT

The ACT Greens have held the balance of power for ten years. We've helped make Canberra one of the most progressive, inclusive and sustainable cities in the world.

How we work

The Greens put people and the planet at the heart of everything we do.  

We champion evidence-driven solutions to the major problems our community is now facing: a changing climate, environmental destruction, economic inequality and increasing cost of living.

We know that the politics of old doesn’t work: we consider every issue on its merits, and on the evidence.

In the past ten years, we’ve shown that we aren’t afraid of tackling large-scale challenges.  

Key things that the ACT Greens have achieved in the last 10 years are:

Climate change presents enormous challenges—and we must act now.

That’s why we’re playing our part to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, and are delivering on a clean, green energy future.

We’re thinking global and acting local to realise Canberra as a world leader in renewable energy.

We’re acting to protect our environment, and everything that depends on it.

We’re ensuring this city is fair and equitable for all Canberrans, no matter your income, gender, sexuality, or background.

While Canberra grows, we’re ensuring our city remains sustainable long into the future.

We’re committed to a connected Canberra and are delivering real transport solutions, including Light Rail Stage 1. We are advocating for more active and sustainable transport options to keep our city moving.  

We’re ensuring that all Canberrans can access safe, secure and affordable housing.

We’re getting a better deal for renters.

We stand for human rights for all, and fight against discrimination in all its forms.

We’re strong allies of our LBGTIQA+ community.

We’re standing with and for our community, ensuring that your voices are heard in our Assembly.


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