ACT Greens plan for City to Woden Light Rail Express


To ensure that the Woden-City service is convenient and used by as many Canberrans as possible, the ACT Greens will commit to every second service in peak times being an express service. 

The Greens proposed City to Woden Express would make light rail the fastest transport option along this route, almost halving transit time. 

The express service would cut around 10 minutes off the estimated 25-30 minutes of the current proposal, allowing people to either travel directly from Woden to the City, or use the all-stops service. 

We would hope that the express service could achieve around a 16-17 minute journey”, said Emma Davidson, ACT Greens Spokesperson for Transport.

The ACT Greens believe that light rail is critical to Canberra's sustainable future. This proposal would therefore ensure that Light Rail Stage Two:

  • Ensure Light Rail Stage 2 is the fastest transit option to get from Woden to the City, by introducing light rail express services

  • Integrate light rail networks  into existing bus service networks  to ensure that when light rail is introduced to Woden, the frequency of connecting suburban bus services is also improved

  • Build footpaths and lighting to light rail stops, to enable people to feel safe when going home after dark

  • Integrate light rail with an ACT-wide, off-road cycling network and other active transport options.

Comments attributable to Emma Davidson, ACT Greens candidate for Murrumbidgee and Transport Spokesperson 

“We know Light Rail Stage 1 - Gungahlin to City has been incredibly popular, reaching the patronage targets years ahead of schedule. This proposal is about making sure people in the south also get the best possible outcome from Light Rail”.

“The ACT Greens understand that big infrastructure investments like light rail give us a chance to transform Canberra into a sustainable, 21st-century city. That’s why we have to make sure that stage 2 is as fast, integrated and future proof as possible”

“It’s critical that all proposals integrate bus, cycling and other transport options, giving people an integrated approach to getting around their city”.

“This forms part of the Greens vision for a sustainable Canberra that includes a Cycling Revolution and Electric Vehicle rEVolution

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