New Riverfront Park for Skyring Terrace

Future-proof Newstead & Teneriffe

Join the campaign for new green space and community facilities.

Newstead and Teneriffe are some of the fastest-growing suburbs in Brisbane, with tens of thousands of additional residents predicted to move there over the next two decades. It’s well beyond time for Governments to future-proof the area with new green space and community facilities.

Green space benefits the mental health, physical fitness and social cohesion of the community it services. It is also necessary to manage flooding, heat stress, air quality and other impacts of climate change.

Fortunately, there is a rare, 1.7 ha piece of riverfront industrial land located at 17 Skyring Terrace, so we are calling on all levels of government to work together to ensure:

  • At least 50% of the site remains undeveloped as public parkland, especially along the riverfront 
  • Any development must include the completion of the Riverwalk along this stretch, providing a vital active transport link between Newstead Park and New Farm Park. 
  • Given the heavy congestion in the area and limited accessibility of the road network to this peninsula, private car parking for any development is heavily restricted.