Join the campaign to remove the barriers, fix the systems and eliminate the structural discrimination disabled people face every day.

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We must protect our NDIS from anyone who tries to strip it of what it needs to thrive

The NDIS was created to provide the support and services disabled people need to live an equitable and good life, just like everybody else. 

Successive Liberal governments have long spread misinformation about our NDIS. Implying that it costs more than it should and encouraging funding cuts wherever possible. Disappointingly this tradition has been carried forward by the current Labor government. 

Join our calls for:

  • No more unjustified funding cuts made without community consultation and no more spreading of misinformation
  • Nothing about us without us to ensure disabled people lead all decisions, conversations and evolution
  • All changes grounded in the principals of disability justice, including ensuring ongoing equitable access to the scheme regardless of what category your disability falls into

Disabled people worked too darn hard to bring the NDIS into being to let these governments strip it of everything it needs to thrive and meet the goals we set. 

Together we have protected our NDIS countless times and together we will continue to protect it for generations of disabled people to come.