End religious discrimination against LGBTQ+ people

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Dear Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, I believe our laws should protect LGBTQ+ Australians from discrimination, not enshrine the right to discriminate against them. I call on you to join us and protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination.

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Tell Morrison and Albanese: Don’t enshrine discrimination into law

The Morrison Government is set to introduce a Religious Discrimination Bill that could give religious groups a licence to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people.

Discrimination harms everyone and all Australians should have protection under the law. People of faith should be free to practice their religion without fear of harm or prejudice. 

But in this case, offering more protections to religious institutions risks being a trojan horse for the Morrison Government to enshrine discrimination into law.

This is the opposite of what an anti-discrimination bill should do, potentially making it easier for one group of people to target others on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity. 

The Labor party has recently said they are willing to work with the government on a religious discrimination and religious freedom act.

Labor needs to commit to ensuring this does not come at the expense of LGBTQ+ people.

We can build a future where everyone is treated with compassion and respect, but only if we fight against every attempt to divide us. 

Will you help us defeat this latest attack on the LGBTQ+ community?